Thursday, June 30, 2016

GAIA PORTAL: Portals of recognition form along all Gaia grids

Portals of recognition form along all Gaia grids
by ÉirePort

Portals of recognition form along all Gaia grids.

Higher connections manifest rapidly.

Specialties of Hue-Beings are accepted and requested.

Storms of dissonance are quelled.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sphere Alliance Message #177
2 Frequency Modulators Found...

Denice: Just read Sophia's post. Got mixed data from the sa for about 10 minutes. But then got this:

Long period of time elapses on SMS chat....

Terran: What did you get?

By email from Denice:  My texts are coming back as unsent.  [this curiously seems to happen to on Verizon cell phone service at important moments... -AK]

"Data collectors found 2 more frequency modulators. One in the lunar caves. The other is not found yet."

Later by SMS:


Denice: The frequency modulators were all supposedly turned off last year. I remember that. I need to go back through my old skypes and emails to find when.

Terran: Yes I remember that. 

Terran: Here's the data from last August...


As We Shift - Turn Off The *JKMS

By Sophia Love

Many of us here now and conscious may have believed that there was an end.  Perhaps it looked like an exit ramp, built only for us, marked


Perhaps, we were thinking, this road led us to that magical place where no conflict bothered us.  When we got here, our work was done. It was here where we were finally rewarded.  All of our pain and heartache gone, we live out the rest of our lives here, in complete and constant bliss.

There is such a place.  Yet it’s not on the earth.  It’s within.  All that we experience starts there.

Now it turns out that there are actual machines (it seems that there are more than one, yet only one, I’m being told, is focused on us) pointed to earth, whose sole purpose is to dampen our spirits. 

What this means is, regardless of what state you get to, or how blissful you manage to become, you most likely won’t be able to live there; not forever.  These are joy-killing machines.  They are real.  I know someone who has seen them.

They need to be turned off, or at the very least, the one pointed at us does. It seems that in fairness to all concerned, it’s time to disable every single one in operation. We are entering a new era.  These old systems no longer apply.

These machines are sort of sentient (which I admit I don’t completely “get”), and in fact a being is charged with keeping the one pointed our way, going.  This is all it knows to do; its purpose.  It has never been challenged or even engaged by us, the recipients of its efforts.  These machines have been running for a very long time, WITH NO DISCERNABLE PROTEST. Therefore, they are kept running.

It’s important to remember that we are conscious now for a reason.  It’s not to sit back and wait for the exit ramp.  It is to use our innate power and love to help facilitate a rapid and smooth transition to a new earth.

What is being proposed here is a massive call to


We can do this.  It is intent that creates our world.  It doesn’t matter what has been done up until this now moment.  It matters what we use this now moment to manifest.  Let’s manifest joy.

Now that we are aware of them, I imagine it only takes intention to alter their activation. (Sort of like finding the remote) Let’s send a clear message:


Be clear; focus on them and the being operating their switches.  Send this message with love and light – these are your super-powers.  Do this often, until the message is received.  I believe we will all know when that happens.

Let’s experience what happens when nothing is holding us down.  We will love without limit.  This sounds like the place that the invisible exit ramp would have taken us to.  Removing all restraints, we can get there without a map or even a vehicle.

I believe we only need to embrace our power and innate heart wisdom and now declare:


Our messages are heard, as One, for that is who we are.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

It’s an honor to be taking this journey with you.
With so much love,

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

As We Shift - Mandela & The Now Makers

Let’s talk about who we are.  What’s occurring lately is a landscape of extremes.  This is one being rapidly painted and re-painted over and over by those controllers invested in keeping the status quo.  That’s the last time they will be mentioned.  This moment, right now, is about letting all of that go.  We are on sacred ground, where miracles occur.  We are Now Makers.

Recently, what’s happened is a sort of side-tracking moment.  Consumed with self, there’s been a pre-occupation with things that are, in truth, defined by actions, not worry.  We are here to create.

The Mandela Effect is mentioned again and again. Here are some thoughts on that, my own and those of some of my “non-surface” contacts. Astrology gives us a blueprint. We are free now to adjust the lines within as we settle in. This is all illusion, (so we are told), yet the word is meaningless as we contemplate our bodies, our freedom, our families and our loved ones.  It sure feels real.

Consider the idea that there is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW.  Our teachers forever have led us to a vision of ourselves as creators.  Recently, The Secret, Mike Dooley, Abraham and others promote the power of our intention to create our life.

It’s a waste of energy to look back and wonder which past is “real”.  They all are.  The thing that’s not included in the “Mandela Effect”, and is so easy to forget, is that we create all of it. 

So whether Bernstein or Bernstain matters little; this is not a trick.  It’s a fluid process; one that can’t be completely defined with the word “timeline”.  Timeline is a word created in a black and white world ruled by polarity.  That world no longer exists.

The fact that we remember one “past” while noticing another (completely different) description of it, validates the power of now.  Each now is a unique occurrence, never to be experienced in precisely the same way. We’ll leave the discussion of “déjà vu” for another blog post.

In each now moment, you are creating.  Pre-occupation with the specifics that decorate your world now, ultimately matters little.  It is not true that another change in our “past” indicates a specific change in our “future”, - unless we create it that wayThere is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW. The thing that’s so easy to forget, after so much manipulation, is that WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CREATING THIS.

EMBRACE THE POWER YOU HOLD. As this is written, three songs sing to me.  We are conscious creators today and with intent we can become consistently aware conscious creators.

Those of us reading this are among the growing numbers of us determined to spread the light on this landscape; and keep it illuminated. 

We can share our vision; which is what Brandon Heath seems to be asking of us here.

We can demonstrate agape, as the words of this song do. The reference to Jesus is not the point here.  It is the love that we are that is the point; the power inherent in that love. We are each creator gods.

The Goo Goo Dolls describe the world our love and light is actualizing right now; conscious creation is key.  There is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW.

In each our own way, we will actualize this transformation – in our hearts, bodies, towns, countries, continents and world. This is a construct of our emotion and imagination and belief and intent.  We are doing this beautifully, uniquely, powerfully.  We have exceeded every expectation for magnificence at every age and every stage.  It is not the moment now to concern yourself with what is being said about yesterday.  You only need remember who you are.  You are a NOW MAKER.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It is an honor to take this journey together.
With so much love,

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Gaia Portal: Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity

Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity
by ÉirePort

Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity.

Feather principals are connected in purpose.

Forestations of Light unveil and display.

The messages refine.

Gaia purpose is restored.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lisa Gawlas: The Great Purification Is Underway, Next, The Great Void…and then….??!!

The Great Purification Is Underway, Next, The Great Void…and then….??!!

by Lisa Gawlas

If these days can't any more strange or intense?? All my readings and even ETville all had the same thing that I was seeing... water. In reading land the water itself was pouring down from the sky, not like rain or even intense rain, like a river that stretched all around the globe, or maybe better said, a waterfall pouring out of the sky. The expressions from spirit were the same thru each connection as well "The Great Purification" is underway, The Great Flood was another phrase I heard too, but not as much as the great purification. Very much like an emotional cleansing. Intense energies flooding the earth that will create intense reactions and actions that are very much already underway.

A wonderful soul shared a video on my facebook yesterday that so aligns with perfect clarity what I had seen thru every connection yesterday:

There is no solar activity, and yet our magnetic field is in major flux. Which is why spirit showed it like they did, a flood from the heavens, this is not from the sun energies at all and it is not missing a spot on earth, everyone and everything will be, is being affected.

The O'Jays Love Train

Thanks to Denice and the SA DJ/Comms Officer who played that to her tonight
 while she was watching the Fireflies...

"Love Train"

People all over the world (everybody)
Join hands (join)
Start a love train, love train
People all over the world (all the world, now)
Join hands (love ride)
Start a love train (love ride), love train

The next stop that we make will be England 
Tell all the folks in Russia, and China, too
Don't you know that it's time to get on board
And let this train keep on riding, riding on through
Well, well

People all over the world (you don't need no money)
Join hands (come on)
Start a love train, love train (don't need no ticket, come on)
People all over the world (Join in, ride this train)
Join in (Ride this train, y'all)
Start a love train (Come on, train), love train

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